Why Work On Ourselves

YOU, yes you, just as you are in this moment are a vibration. Your vibe is the not just what we intentionally put “out there” but an accumulation of what we have experienced.

Our experiences form our beliefs which in turn become our “go to” or patterned vibe. Working on ourselves is an insurance we are matching our internal vibe with our intended vibe.

Work on ourselves doesn’t need to be a time consuming daunting excavation. We can adopt a mindful mini inventory by simply checking in.

A great practice is to do this before sleep. We can take a few moments to allow the experiences of the day to come into focus and let them wash through us. We can take those that match our intended vibe and deposit them into our experience. We can also take those that don’t and amend them.

When we work on ourselves we are adjusting that our inside world attracts our outer reality!

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