3 Tools To Attract Your Soul Desires

We must enter the image of our hearts desire and think from it – Neville

This statement has been made popular today popular with those of us who are working with, are curious about and studying the “Laws of Attraction”. Although Neville didn’t term his work specifically into this category, he eludes to being able to bring into our reality that which we desire through states of consciousness that react to a field of energy. I wont get into the specifics of his work but rather I will share his concepts and provide a bit of practical application for us beginners entering the realm of manifesting our soul desires!

By using the tools of visualization, day dreaming and mindfulness we are able to shift our energy from one of wanting, which makes us long for something we do not have, to embodying the outcome as if it is here in the now. This shift takes us out of the lack mentality and energy of want into the energy of having arrived at our destination.



Neville suggests we remove the wishing and asking and jump to the vision of who we are in the end result.

Being that energy is neutral it does not know that the vision you are creating in your mind is not real. Therefore the energy of visualization is communicating with the energy in the field of manifesting as if the event is currently taking place. This subtle yet profound shift changes our energy to attract the energy within the field of manifesting and responds by bringing it to us.

How this tool works with the field of manifesting:

  • We bring forth all the feel good feelings of living as if we already are the person of our vision making us more able to recognize similar feelings in our daily lives.
  • We propel our hearts desire forward in the state of our imagination and are free to explore the sum feeling so we are more able to recreate versions of them throughout our day.
  • We act and behave as the person in this version of ourselves and therefore have the experience of validation that creates the belief.



Neville implies that the attitude requires us acting and behaving as if the change has already taken place.

Being that energy is neutral it does not know that the day dream is not real and therefore responds to the vibration you emit bringing you more of this energy you are projecting throughout your day. This energy creates momentum and is a real life continuation of your visualization!!

How this tool works with the field of manifesting:

  • Day dreaming is the act of pretending we are the person in our visualization. This pretending is living as this person as we go about our daily activities like brushing our teeth and walking the dog. The value this offers is the ability to carry the energy of our visualization further into our day.
  • Mundane tasks become infused with the feeling of the future reality and offers a familiar feeling which becomes our new normal.
  • We get to play and have fun experiencing the vibration of our soul desires, how wonderful!
  • We live in accordance to our soul desires.



Neville states that we must enter the image of our hearts desire and think from it.

When working with the energetic realm we must behave as our future projection so the mundane reality can be arranged and catch up! This brings us to the role of our thoughts and the job of our minds. Using the tool of mindfulness helps us organize and manage our thoughts. The mind then becomes the discerner of where to apply our efforts and to what we will give our attention.

How this tool works with the field of manifesting:

  • This means we must not just think affirmations that are “positive” but choose statements that shift your attention and perception to match our soul desires.
  • We focus on the current self asking ourselves if the actions we take, words we speak and deeds we do today are in alignment with our future self.
  • The attitude then becomes one of conscious creation.
  • The mindset is now one of positive intention.

In closing, I would like to also state that Neville reminds us that what is required is a change in attitude and consciousness to have a change in our reality. I hope these tools help you bring about your soul desires. Happy manifesting!

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