4 Tips To Enhance Your Performance

How do you know your getting faster, stronger, better? What’s your plan? Are you progressing in a way that guarantees you reach your goals?

Top athletes don’t leave anything to chance. They monitor and measure their performance in each training session knowing they race like they train. Period. If you want to be stronger and faster it starts here. In this session. Train with intention of being the athlete on the podium.

Here’s a few tips:
• Hydrate, not just during but a solid 3 hours before each session to give muscles the juice they need to sustain workouts
• Eat to perform. Choose your food according to what works with your body and adjust till you have the fuel to sustain each workout
• Get your head in it. Focus on every stroke. Every stroke. You control how your blade enters the water so make it count
• Track your progress. Keep a journal of your food intake, your emotional state, your hydration, your sleep habits and your results. It’s easy to let a bad session cloud your judgement. Be objective, factual and honest. Improve where you can. Don’t wish you had next time you’re at the start line. Do it now.

By measuring and monitoring your training sessions you progress, on target and on purpose. It’s not rocket science but it is a science. Using all our capacities of energy increases performance!

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