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5 Is The Number That Initiates Change

If you are struggling to get back into training, try doing the 5 movement patterns I have shared. Five is numerologies number of change so by keeping your mind focused on doing 5 movements you can initiate a change. This small step can help rebuild the mind-body connection to program new pathways in the brain and build new habits. 

FACT: If you are feeling defeated or like you may have lost too much ground due to your setback, remember that fitness does not fall away over night. It does decrease by about 5% every 3 weeks. BUT, the good news is it also comes back within a shorter time if you have a base fitness.

NOTE: For those paddlers in the Base, Top, Increase or Peak Performance Fitness Programs, regardless of what week you would be in from when you started your program, do not advance past your last weeks workouts if you have missed a few weeks of training. Progression only happens when we are doing a minimum of 3 sessions weekly. If you do less than 3 training sessions weekly stay in that week till you feel ready to start regular training of 4-6 sessions weekly.

Remember, base cardio paddling fitness, or endurance training, is zone 1-2 so continuing in that zone is totally fine as it provides the ability to amp up your cardio when needed.

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