5 Steps To Program Emotional Well Being

Programming the mind and emotions is no different than the progressive training we do with the body. In fact, at this time in our lives it is wise to spend more time monitoring and caring for our emotional well being.

Your emotional or mental well being goals at this point could be just to shake off thoughts and feelings that create a sense of powerlessness, anger, frustration or despair. Here are a few steps we use to train our mental performance and emotional resilience. Give it a go!

• Clear out what doesn’t work. (Just give yourself a break from anything that doesn’t make you feel good.)

• Choose what will work according to your goals. (Put something in that makes you feel a bit more light hearted!)

• Implement a program to build strength. (It takes strength to face adversity so choose things such as setting boundaries, asking for what you need or making choices that feel empowering.)

• Create a plan with points of measurement. (Write down what and how you are proactively working to implement your goal.)

• Do it consistently. (Be like Nike and just do it. Don’t wait till you feel like it. The good feeling will come from just doing it!)

Attack your emotional and mental well being the same way you do your training. They drive your performance.

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