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Paddlers 7 Step Visualization Exercise

Here’s a quick visual aid to help prepare yourself for training. Getting focused and present is the aim in training. This allows us athletes to bring our A game and leave feeling great about our session and confident in our participation!

Compartmentalization is one of the tools you can use to prepare your mindset and bring you into the present moment. Here is how you can incorporate it into your next training session:

Step 1: Close your eyes and bring your day into the forefront of your mind.

Step 2: Separate your day into categories such as work, family, partners/relationships, tasks, duties and sport.

Step 3: Create a shelf in your mind that houses all the categories. Put the categories in a box or container of choice and give each box a color or label. See this shelf as easily assessable and have this shelf be in an area with a door.

Step 4: Put each container on the shelf including the sport you are currently engaged in. Arrange these shelves how you choose. Bring a sense of gratitude, joy, and comfort knowing these containers are yours and that you have access to them whenever you choose. You are in control of what goes on these shelves and know the containers are secure as you alone are the gate keeper.

Step 5: Intentionally take down your sport. Walk out of the room with the sport container feeling good, excited, joy and whatever other emotion you choose. Gently close the door of the room knowing you will return for the other containers at another time. Invite a peaceful confidence of returning and giving each category and container attention when required.

Step 6: Open your sport container and bring it into the present moment to feel the energy of it in your whole being; mind, heart and body from head to toe.

Step 7: Let the magic begin, it’s game on!

You can always close practice the same way by allowing yourself the opportunity to switch gears and leave training behind by putting the sport container back in the room on the shelf. The conscious intention this exercise creates holds the mental and emotional energy we need to use our physical energy. Differentiating these energies builds awareness to the use of our energetic capacities in healthy and vital ways that can serve us in all areas of life. Enjoy!


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