don't let a lack of knowledge hold you back!

  • In this program you will learn:

    The skills, strategies and training used to paddle an OC with confidence

  • This program is specifically for paddlers who:

    Have been following a dragon boat fitness program through the winter

  • In this program we will cover:

    The sport specific training that increases stroke power

  • This program is perfect for you if:

    You are a woman who wants OC training to enhance your dragon boat paddling

  • This program is for you if:

    You require OC training specific for a time trial or club team try outs

  • In this program we will cover:

    How to be balanced and centred on your OC to paddle efficiently

  • In this program we will cover:

    How to recover from a huli and unweight the ama to avoid leaning left

  • This program is for you if you:

    Want to use the OC for cross training but lack the information on how to get started

  • This program is for paddlers who want to:

    Get the answers to the top questions asked by dragon boaters starting OC training

  • This program is specifically for paddlers:

    Who want the conditioning and training to shave seconds off their sprint race time

Course outline

This program was created from a dragon boaters perspective and developed by Coach Anna Mathisen to help us paddlers get the answers to the questions we may have about training in an OC1.

We will tackle the obstacles that may have stopped us from doing an OC1 time trial required to try out for club crews or national teams. Our goal is to provide you with the concrete tools and necessary skills you can implement immediately to help you move past the blocks that can hold you back. This sport specific conditioning is focused on the dragon boat paddler who wants to cross train in an OC1. 

In Anna’s Key OC1 Training Sessions she gives paddlers specific training to achieve their top end potential. We know you’re already following a training program and that just doing more won’t get results. Adding top end training will. Is your current OC1 training giving you the specific training you need to shave time off your sprint race? Anna has developed sport specific methods for us dragon boat paddlers to achieve speed and finish strong in a one sided sprint race!

take a peek at the modules in this course

The Race Plan

Ask the questions provided to coaches or proctors to prepare for your time trial, gather the equipment listed, learn how to set up your equipment and plan to be safe for successful training.

Go Fast Without Huliing

In this lesson you will get the drills to learn the brace stroke, what it is, why you need it, when to use it, and how it will stop you from huliing and help you build confidence on your canoe.

How to recover from a huli (flipping)

In this lesson you are going to learn a few different techniques on how to get back up on your canoe from the water based on your strength and ability.

avoid leaning left and weighting the ama

This lesson will teach you how to sit centered and balanced in your canoe and how to paddle right with confidence.

Adjust your stroke from DB to OC

In this lesson you will discover the differences between paddling OC1 and DB and learn what adjustments you can make so you can produce power in an OC1.

Dry land conditioning for stroke power

Find out the common mistakes in the outrigger stroke and get exercises to increase connection. This conditioning program develops a powerful stroke through a series of sport specific dry land exercises.

OC1 Key Training sessions

Anna has put together these key training sessions to improve your speed and tempo threshold so you can perform at your peak. With these strategic paddling sessions you will develop the ability to go at a faster stroke rate with power.

Race Strategies and race prep

In this lesson we are going to help you develop the strategies and skill needed for: steering, lining up, starting, finishing and focus while racing.

Dry Land TT prep and warm up

In this lesson you will get a sports specific warm up sequence to get your blood flowing, wake up your balance and proprioception, and fire your paddling muscles.

My first attempt was exactly 15 seconds better than my previous best on our lake and my 2nd was 14 seconds better!!

- Julie H, paddler

Lately, I have been racing against the younger and lighter paddlers. I have consistently beaten everyone except one person.

- Lesley S, paddler

I really like that this program is directed to women with all our specific attributes and requirements. I have really enjoyed all Modules so far—especially proper alignment and balance to promote confidence, and conditioning exercises for stroke mechanics.

- Lynnette M, paddler

Great to see competitive, conscious women like you and Anna coaching more women and athletes to be their best.

- Karen S, paddler

Ace Your OC1 Time Trial For Dragon Boat Team Try Outs