Aggression; Women’s Competitive Edge

Ladies, this is a quick reminder for us as we train to race and compete. There is an attribute you can use to naturally and organically fuel your healthy competitive nature!


Aggression; the undervalued energy for competitive female paddlers


Many women are detached from their aggressive nature but in sport it’s the competitive edge that gets us really dialled in to our process. Aggressiveness is a masculine energy of attaining, achieving and simply going after what we want, without explanation, without fail and with intense fervour.


Healthy aggression is passion. It is an expression of life force energy. It is how we outwardly execute our talent and skills in sport


Aggression is not how we conduct ourselves towards another. It’s not being unkind, disrespectful or mean. It’s about being single mindedly assertive in our own pursuits without hurting others. The reason many dilute this attribute is due to the fact that they may have been the recipient of aggression in an unhealthy way and don’t want to cause others to feel the same way. We may not

When we understand this energy as life engaging it offers vitality! And when we use it to express ourselves and live our purpose it is in harmony with our feminine energy that nurtures our hearts desires.

To be aggressive in our pursuits while being feminine in the nature to nurture our soul desires is how we balance our life force energy.

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