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I have always been curious to know why is it that some can reach their goals with ease while some struggle? This is a quest of experience, trial and error and the hopes to connect with like minds along the way. I dedicate this blog to those who have the desire to use paddling as the platform to achieve goals, self evolve and consciously create a life of intention.

I dedicate myself to writing this personal blog to inspire you on our journey.

– Cheryl Roose, Coach & Consultant

Team Culture

Managing Team Division

If your team or club is experiencing conflict as a result of some paddlers wanting to be more competitive while others do not, here are the four “P’s” that need to

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Paddling Tips

Timing Drill

I love this drill but I’m not sure the paddlers do. It is very challenging as we implement a pause before extending into the catch.

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Mindset Training For Paddlers; The Paddlers System Of Success

The Dragon Boaters High

Dragon boat training builds physical strength, endurance and flexibility while keeping our minds sharp as we work on the technical components of the stroke mechanics.

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Tips To Ignite Motivation

Are you feeling unmotivated and looking to get motivated? Start with your thoughts. Catch yourself when feeling lazy, tired, sad, depressed and see what triggered

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Rest Week Advice

If you are an athlete who is currently partaking in a dry land training program I would like to challenge you to create a rest

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Create Team Bonding

Wanna have some fun in your business and increase the “feel good” vibes among your team? Try this fun little exercise and watch it catch

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Success Strategies

Why Work On Ourselves

YOU, yes you, just as you are in this moment are a vibration. Your vibe is the not just what we intentionally put “out there”

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Common Courtesy

Common courtesy is a small gesture that makes a big difference and should be practiced as often as possible. We often feel that we don’t

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