Build a Vision Board that Manifests!

One of my favorite ways to start the new year is with a vision board. Creating a vision board is a form of manifesting that is extremely powerful. A good vision board holds the “essence” of your future self and lifestyle. The most common mistake people make when creating a vision board is making it a “to do” list or a goal sheet. Refrain from putting up jobs or goals, as those are the means to the quality and outcome of your vision, not the essence of who you will be. This does not mean we don’t have work or career goals it simply puts the focus on how the work you do today is the vehicle to build our vision. They both align but for the purpose of our vision we are unattached to the how and connecting to the WHY!

For the purpose of this vision work I am presenting, we acknowledge it is the work of the heart and soul and therefore needs to be void of reason and thinking. The goal of your vision board is to create the story of the future self. The board can serve as a process or pathway to creating goals but does not require you include them.

Often as a result of creating a vision board you will find the sub conscious dreams are brought into the conscious mind and in turn, your reality by way of experiences and opportunities. At this point we have the ability to choose what path we take. Therefore it is very important to be open minded and mindful of what may be coming into your reality.

The energy that emanates from your vision is of your higher self and therefore may challenge you to be out of your comfort zone in any area that requires growth. This is now the time to set goals to meet the challenges. Opportunities may look like seeing a course that interests you, a job or an event. They may ask you to give of your time, energy or money and cause you to reconsider and say no. But often it is a matter of prioritizing our daily tasks and finances to serve this new direction. Ultimately the things we set out to achieve evolve us into the person of our vision board story and they will be worth the investment.

Exercise to build your vision board:

  1. Choose magazines because you like the cover. Don’t look through them just simply pick them up. (I often go to thrift stores and purchase used ones if I don’t have enough lying around my house.)
  2. Choose words or phrases to cut out that resonate with who you are aspiring to be or who you are would like to become.
  3. Choose photos because you like the color, the look, the idea, not because it says who you think you currently are or what you now do. Simply cut pictures out of magazines without judgment.
  4. Once all your photos are clipped, arrange them in “categories” to create mini stories. Stories can be my love life, my journeys, my adventures, my dreams, my future, my aspirations, my health and wellness, my vitality, etc..
  5. You can use your word and phrase clippings to paste to each grouping or you can write your own words.
  6. If you find your pictures agitate you, create tension, anxiety or even a fraction of stress, eliminate them. Its most likely a goal not a vision.
  7. Once you like your stories and they “feel” right glue them onto your vision board.
  8. Hang your vision board somewhere you can take time to reflect on it that’s in a space personal to you.

Vision board meditation:

  • To start a vision board meditation simply allow yourself a few minutes of time.
  • Set your focus to your heart area and ask that your mind stills while your heart “sees” the board.
  • Take a moment in each story or category to name how this makes you feel. Not sure yet? Just ask that you become aware. Once you have a feeling, amplify it by seeing yourself in this story. What attributes, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually have you attained by bringing this story into your life. Daydream till it “FEELS” good in every cell of your body.
  • If you feel your thoughts judging or questioning you can write them down and choose to work on this later. Or, you can simply thank them for showing up and bringing awareness but that you are choosing to enjoy this story.
  • You can choose one category at a time or continue with your whole vision board till complete. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Once I’m finished envisioning I like to close my quest with a deep breath and as I release it I put a smile on my face, love and joy in my heart and say … And so it is.

The vision you put forth IS manifesting and so it is very important to stay open, non judgmental and pass experiences and opportunities through the heart when they arise. Try saying yes more often and see where it leads!

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