Reach your goals with the right habits of thinking


Habits are the actions, behaviors, and attitudes we choose on a daily basis that lead us to where we want to go in life. As such, habits of thinking are to be respected and used wisely. Habits are a useful and valuable tool when consciously chosen as they provide us the ability to follow a […]

Shift The Mind To Improve Technique

Form. It dictates our ability to connect with the water in a positive and efficient way that translates to stroke power. Our form is the way we move our body while paddling. It is habitual either by training or by default and therefore has become a pattern of moving that our body has become accustom […]

How Internal Strength Elevates Performance

When we have inner power, inner strength and inner alignment we easily and effortlessly transfer this to our sport. Period. As a coach I see many talented athletes who are strong physically but without the internal resolve to execute their technical skills. To be a strong and skilled athlete we have to spend equal time […]

Time Trial Advice For Paddlers

Trying out for a team sport was tough for me. I’m a pleaser. I like to fit in. I don’t like to “rock the boat”. But if you want a seat on the boat you have to beat someone else out. Possibly a friend. Maintaining that emotional balance is crucial. I learned a valuable lesson […]

Develop A Competitive Team Mindset

COACHES Does your team have a competitive mindset? Or, are they recreational paddlers who want to win? Who likes to lose? We all want to win. But have we set our team up for victory or for winning? Teams that are competitive are groups of individuals focused on being their personal best to support the […]

Visual Programming for Athletes: exercise

Visual programming is the format used to download your vision of your highest self who is a top athlete, gold medalist, champion and achieves their goals. Give it a try: • Sit or lie down and get comfy • Don’t focus too hard on stilling the mind, rather, bring your attention to the space behind […]

A Success Formula

As a world athlete I have been asked how I did it. In a nutshell I worked at it. I am not any more talented than any one of the people I coach; I just had the ability to focus my attention for long periods of time. This comes in real handy when training and […]

5 Things That Break Athlete Confidence

Confidence is built as we develop our skills, talents and abilities. It is a state of mind that elicits the energy of positive expectation. It is our patterns of thinking that have the power to either move us forward or keep us stuck. In this manner confidence becomes a knowing what we are capable of […]

High Performance Mental Programming

Visualization is a combination of connecting a clear and concise pathway between our consciousness, biochemistry and desired reality. The benefits of visualization is that the brain does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined which is what makes visualization such a powerful form of mental programming that can enhance performance. […]

Exercise to Build Confidence

Confidence is something that is developed. When we feel like we have used our skills and talents to the best of our ability we earn a certain completeness that allows us to move forward. It comes from application and it is often the result not the destination. We can’t fake the progression if we want […]