Distraction; A Form Of Self Sabotage

The things that are hard to do and are the things we have to do require a disciplined mind. And discipline is one of the 4 attributes used to increase athlete performance. The 4 attributes that make up the formula for success are a form of energy training that is the new science coaches use […]

The Top 3 Reasons Athletes Get Stuck

In this article I want to explain the very common mindset of investment attitudes as it encompasses a few of the others. This mindset is created from real life experiences such as illness, physical limitation, and life circumstances. In this mindset athletes tend to convince themselves and anybody who will listen why they cannot do […]

Why Your Training Isn’t Paying Off

If you are knocking off killer sessions of intense pieces and working harder than ever and not seeing results I can guarantee your not focused. Training unfocused will leave you feeling physically exhausted and in a caloric deficit but further from your actual goals if you are an athlete. (A woman training in a sport […]

The Cost Of Being GOOD

I flailed along paddling for over 16 years in the world of dragon boating. I had the same issues in my stoke for many years. And I had the same results. Without the stages of training within a cycle of progression we stay the same. So what kept me stuck? Ego. I thought I was […]

Transform Competition Jitters To Power Performance

Your best thinking got you here. Lining up to the start line. Getting these results. Feeling like you do. Doubt, denial and fear are the emotional energies that can arise when we are in situations where we are under pressure to perform, like team tryouts.  Although it’s normal to feel these emotions they can actually […]

Top 3 Reasons Why Athletes Don’t Reach Goals

In this article I share the top 3 reasons why athletes don’t reach goals. We all know the feeling of a new goal that gets us excited. We feel motivated and are eager to begin straight away. But soon we can let things slide if we don’t stay connected to the experience of going through […]

Competitive Mindset Thinking Habits


Habits are the actions, behaviors, and attitudes we choose on a daily basis that lead us to where we want to go in life. As such, habits of thinking are to be respected and used wisely. Habits are a useful and valuable tool when consciously chosen as they provide us the ability to follow a […]

How The Mental State Can Improve Paddling Technique

Form. It dictates our ability to connect with the water in a positive and efficient way that translates to stroke power. Our form is the way we move our body while paddling. It is habitual either by training or by default and therefore has become a pattern of moving that our body has become accustom […]

Use Inner Strength To Elevate Your Performance

When we have inner power, inner strength and inner alignment we easily and effortlessly transfer this to our sport. Period. As a coach I see many talented athletes who are strong physically but without the internal resolve to execute their technical skills. To be a strong and skilled athlete we have to spend equal time […]

Time Trial Advice For Paddlers


Trying out for a team sport was tough for me. I’m a pleaser. I like to fit in. I don’t like to “rock the boat”. But if you want a seat on the boat you have to beat someone else out. Possibly a friend. Maintaining that emotional balance is crucial. I learned a valuable lesson […]

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