Step 3 in the Formula For Success: Persistence

Try, try and try again. That’s the idea of being persistent when we start an endeavor. The caution here is in the energy of your mindset as we continue trying. The word “try” in and of itself is a mere “attempt” not achievement. The word persistence can be seen as stubborn, pushing too hard and […]

Step 2 in the Formula for Success; Discipline

Disciplines are the practices that align our energy systems to be used in accordance to reaching our goals. As seen in Quantum Physics, discipline, pertaining to the formula for success is the matter in which particles are organized and coordinated to move energy and create flow. When the particles are not coordinated they are random, […]

When Transformation Brings Grieving

We forget. In the endeavor of manifesting our goals, transformation is welcomed and invited. It is the necessary path to evolve into a new way of being. But we forget that to transform means we let go of something familiar to create space for something new. This new space is soon filled with experiences that […]

Prioritize the Important Not Urgent!

Are you feeling overworked, stressed out with too many things to do and not enough time to do them? Are you letting important things slide due to your lack of time and then feeling guilty because they too have gotten ignored? Those tasks left unattended can have a very negative impact on our ability to […]

7 Ways Mentally Strong Handle Stress

Cardio Training For Athletes

While stress causes some people to crumble, mentally strong people continue to thrive in the midst of added tension. In fact, they view adversity as an opportunity for self-growth. Whether they’re dealing with financial setbacks, health problems, or workplace difficulties, mentally strong people don’t let stress drag them down. Here are seven ways mentally strong […]


It is vital to take action on your goals in life rather than just daydreaming about them. Our desires act as fuel, propelling us toward new horizons. Without something to strive for, we stagnate and become stuck in ruts of our own making because we are unsure of what to do next. Goals are the […]

The Worry Buster

When making changes you can sometimes experience doubt, fear or anxiety in your ability to reach your goals or to set them in motion. Credited to Brian Tracy, this tool provides relief by thinking logically and being proactive by focusing on the solution. For intent of purpose let’s imagine a situation in your salon that […]

How to Let Go Without Losing Yourself

At times letting go can seem like we are losing a piece of ourselves and we resist because we don’t know who we will be or how we will be without it. Sometimes the situation we are letting go of has brought an intense emotion that has spurred us forward and given us energy. To […]

3 Habits Successful People DON’T have

The following is applied research by yours truly. During the process of training to be a national athlete and represent Canada in the 2015 IDBF World competitions, I soon became aware of the ways in which I stopped my success. They weren’t the only ways self sabotage crept in but they were my top 3. […]

Feeling Your Way To Success

Where you are in your career today is the sum of what you believe about yourself and your ability to have the career you want. This concept can either make you nod your head in agreement or furrow your brow with frustration.   It is with the discernment and awareness that we can see how […]