Training Your Team For Club Crew Worlds

In this article I will address how us coaches can get our paddlers “dialed in” to training in a yearly cycle by showing them how a well laid out plan can make them a better paddler. By incorporating progressions into a process of training we can help paddlers build their skills in a systematic way […]

Being Fit Won’t Make You A Better Paddler


There are 3 top reasons Dragon Boat paddlers participate in a dry land fitness program. They are: Become a strong paddler: build strength with progressive training Become a strong contender: build the strength required for testing protocols Become a strong competitor: build the strength to deliver stroke power A sport specific training program will build […]

Endurance Training For Dragon Boat; go slow to get fast!

Endurance Training For Dragon Boat

If there’s one fitness mistake I see that’s extremely common amongst Dragon Boat Paddlers is they lack endurance fitness. Let’s talk about how endurance training for dragon boat can increase paddler performance. Most times it’s not an issue when we attend dragon boat practices and train solely for the 500M race. But if we have […]

Mindsets That Sabotage Success

I have studied high achieving paddlers and I have also interviewed those that struggled to reach their goals. Personal experience has allowed me to be on both ends of the spectrum, so I identify with the facts I share in this video. I give examples of a few attitudes and mindsets that can sabotage our […]

Think Positive, Lose The Race


It’s only positive if you believe it. If what you say to yourself doesn’t align with what you believe to be true about yourself, positive affirmation can become a huge block that can tank your performance. Positive thinking is a rose-colored glasses attitude that can serve us in some circumstances but fall short when competing […]

Visual Programming, the Paddlers Tool For Success!


Dragon boat teams hire me to help them manage the adversity that comes when introducing teams to Racing requires mental and physical discipline. We discipline the mind and body to turn race jitters into race readiness. Mindset coaches call this readiness “performance arousal”. This readiness athletes create is unique for each of us and varies […]

How To Deal With Division In Teams 

Dragon boat teams hire me to help them manage the adversity that comes when introducing teams to new levels of competition. I see this transition as the necessary changes that foster the evolution of paddlers and the advancement of teams. Although this division can create feelings of loss as some team mates move on, we […]

Energy Training For High Levels Of Competing


Energy training is the science of momentum in sport. In paddling energy training is the process of pulling together every resource we have to make us go faster on the water. The resources are the energy systems of the: Mind Body Spirit Emotions These energy systems are called “capacities” and they store our life force […]

5 Is The Number That Initiates Change

Dragon Boat Fitness Training

If you are struggling to get back into training, try doing the 5 movement patterns I have shared. Five is numerologies number of change so by keeping your mind focused on doing 5 movements you can initiate a change. This small step can help rebuild the mind-body connection to program new pathways in the brain […]

Tricking The Mind To Train

Dragon Boat Fitness Training

So what to do when we have fallen off the training wagon? Although there’s no magic pill, what works for me is a little mind game I play with myself. Remember that mind games are also a form of mindset training as they work to create a new habit or overcome an inner block. I […]

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