How To Get Glute Engagement While Seated On The Dragon Boat 


This video shows a simple yet effective shift we can make in the pelvis to engage the glute power used in our leg drive. When we are disengaged in the glutes the low back can take over. Although the low back is used to a certain extent in our stroke, it is when it is […]

Setting Up Rotation In The Dragon Boat Stroke 


Core rotation is the “power house” of our dragon boat technique yet can be super difficult to utilize if we can’t fire the full core (front and back body, shoulders to hips) at the same time! This video gives paddlers a set up to start that connection required for core power!

How Stacked Shoulders Powers The Dragon Boat Stroke


Top arm drive is the power we have access to when we can stack the shoulders in the setup of our rotation and then de rotate them with the power available from the opposite hip and shoulder. In this video I use the visual cue of stacking and levelling the shoulders to help paddlers connect […]

Seating Position In A Dragon Boat To Get Leg Drive


Getting low body engagement so we can utilize leg drive powers our catch. It’s the big muscles we use at our catch that gives us the power to then pull our bodies up. Therefore, finding the proper foot position where we feel stable enough to land our full body weight onto the paddle gives us […]

Being Fit Won’t Make You A Better Paddler


There are 3 top reasons Dragon Boat paddlers participate in a dry land fitness program. They are: Become a strong paddler: build strength with progressive training Become a strong contender: build the strength required for testing protocols Become a strong competitor: build the strength to deliver stroke power A sport specific training program will build […]

Endurance Training For Dragon Boat; go slow to get fast!

Endurance Training For Dragon Boat

If there’s one fitness mistake I see that’s extremely common amongst Dragon Boat Paddlers is they lack endurance fitness. Let’s talk about how endurance training for dragon boat can increase paddler performance. Most times it’s not an issue when we attend dragon boat practices and train solely for the 500M race. But if we have […]

Dragonboat Technique: The Exit Drill


Often times I see paddlers so focused on their catch they forget there are 2 other components left in the stroke! The setup to go to the catch is initiated by the exit. Without a solid decision to end the last stroke we aren’t always able to get the proper setup in both mind and body to get a dynamic catch. […]

Dragonboat Technique: Stop Doing Fake Extension


Getting a great extension is what gives us more length in the stroke. As we aim to improve our dragonboat technique we have to consider how our body relates to the technical aspects of the dragonboat stroke. In this video I share 2 cheats that are related to extension in the dragon boat stroke. Often […]

Dragonboat Drill: Train The Back Body And Avoid Improper Hinging

Dragon Boat Fitness Training

This is a drill you can use either on the boat or on land. This dragonboat drill trains the back extensors to be strong enough to handle the load of our hinge. Often times our “hinge” collapses when the back body isn’t strengthened to manage the load of our extension to the catch, or hinge. […]

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