Endurance Training For Dragon Boat; go slow to get fast!

Endurance Training For Dragon Boat

If there’s one fitness mistake I see that’s extremely common amongst Dragon Boat Paddlers is they lack endurance fitness. Let’s talk about how endurance training for dragon boat can increase paddler performance. Most times it’s not an issue when we attend dragon boat practices and train solely for the 500M race. But if we have […]

Dragonboat Technique: The Exit Drill

Often times I see paddlers so focused on their catch they forget there are 2 other components left in the stroke! The setup to go to the catch is initiated by the exit. Without a solid decision to end the last stroke we aren’t always able to get the proper setup in both mind and body to get a dynamic catch. […]

Dragonboat Technique: Stop Doing Fake Extension

Getting a great extension is what gives us more length in the stroke. As we aim to improve our dragonboat technique we have to consider how our body relates to the technical aspects of the dragonboat stroke. In this video I share 2 cheats that are related to extension in the dragon boat stroke. Often […]

Dragonboat Drill: Train The Back Body And Avoid Improper Hinging

Dragon Boat Fitness Training

This is a drill you can use either on the boat or on land. This dragonboat drill trains the back extensors to be strong enough to handle the load of our hinge. Often times our “hinge” collapses when the back body isn’t strengthened to manage the load of our extension to the catch, or hinge. […]

Dragonboat Paddling Tip; Get Rid Of The Chicken Leg

Learn the firing pattern, or the chain of command in the body to execute the dragon boat stroke. In this video I share a dragonboat paddling tip to ignite the alignment that is most effective to engage the bigger muscles of the lower body while being in proper form. In this video I also describe […]

Dragonboat Paddling Technique: Don’t Confuse Rotation With The Lean Out 

Leaning out of the boat in full rotation is how we land on the blade. This is a vital part of the dragonboat paddling technique that gives paddlers the ability to translate body weight with power in their stroke. So why do we cheat? Because doing the lean out correctly is HARD WORK!!  Leaning out […]

Training Back Extensor Strength

R. E. D. is an acronym I use to explain the setup of the dragon boat stroke. Rotate. Extend. Drop. This video dissects the phase prior to the catch and explains why it is important to separate the rotation, extension and drop to deliver maximum power. In this drill we are training the back extensors […]

Timing Drill

I love this drill but I’m not sure the paddlers do. It is very challenging as we implement a pause before extending into the catch. And then we add on by to the pause by closing our eyes. Theres 3 reasons this drill is super effective Reason 1: When the paddlers close their eyes they […]

How To Get A Wicked Catch On The Dragon Boat

Drills for Dragon Boat Paddlers who Cross Train on the OC1 Another common mistake I see paddlers make is that they are rotating as they are transitioning from the exit to their catch. This fluid movement between the end of the last stroke and the start of the next stroke is missing the power that […]