How To Use Your Core To Get Stroke Power

Training Program for Dragon Boaters

Drills for Dragon Boat Paddlers who Cross Train on the OC1 It is common for dragon boaters to rotate through the mid back and shoulders while the glutes remain inactive and planted firmly on the seat with the hips facing forward. I have seen how this improper form can cause strain to the low back […]

How To Get Awesome Dragon Boat Rotation

Drills for Dragon Boat Paddlers who Cross Train on the OC1 In this video you will learn how to rotate by using the lower body to initiate the movement. I will show you the purpose of each hip and the role they play in creating more lower body power to drive the stroke. This drill […]

Setting Up The Power Position

Drills for Dragon Boat Paddlers who Cross Train on the OC1 Power in the dragon boat stroke comes from having the body in proper alignment. Being in proper alignment keeps a chain of power flowing through the body where improper form can cause this chain to be broken. When we tire our form diminishes and […]

Where To Place Your Hands On The Dragon Boat Paddle

Drills for Dragon Boat Paddlers who Cross Train on the OC1 In this video I share the common mistakes when holding a dragon boat paddle and give corrections that will help paddlers get more power in their stroke. You will be shown where to place the bottom hand and the top hand on the dragon boat […]

How to Make a Training Plan?


Your season just finished, the last race is done and dusted. All the hard training is over and the race is too! Phew. You are feeling enthusiastic and charged to make next year a better year. Or maybe you are over it. Done. Burnt out and exhausted. Either way, what you do in your off-season […]

One Stroke At A Time

A lot of people come to me wanting to improve their stroke. As a coach I can definitely help with that, but how can paddlers continue to implement and embed the changes we worked on after the session is over? As I’m coaching, I may be paddling alongside or in the back of an OC2,repeating […]

Focus On The Fundamentals

One thing I’ve noticed about lifelong athletes — those that stay active in their sport for years — is that they consistently work on their technique and skills. I’ve experienced firsthand what can happen when you don’t spend enough time on these important fundamentals. I had an extended period of time where I didn’t really […]

Do You Have One Sided Paddling Injuries?

Is your ama hurting you? Being an athlete and dealing with injuries go hand in hand. We’ve all pulled or tweaked something, or had a nagging injury that doesn’t go away on its own. While many injuries have an obvious origin and you may know exactly why something hurts, others are more mysterious. One area […]