Holiday Season Worry Buster

Happy Holiday Season Paddlers, As we move into December and the end of 2021,  I thought this tool may serve us as we navigate the season and the ongoing Covid situations. It has been a challenging year to say the least and it has brought forth some BIG conversations which I can say have caused […]

7 Ways Mentally Strong Handle Stress

Hi Paddlers, I came across this article for the second time this week and although I have shared it in the past I feel compelled to share again. While stress causes some people to crumble, mentally strong people continue to thrive in the midst of added tension. In fact, they view adversity as an opportunity for […]

Eating for Strength and Recovery: Female Athlete Diet Advice


Eating for strength and recovery With the explosion of interest in the science of women’s physiology, there’s been a lot to learn lately about a female athlete diet and what they need to eat in order to sustain themselves. For me, emerging from pandemic life to get back into lifting weights in a gym and racing […]

Aggression; Women’s Competitive Edge

Ladies, this is a quick reminder for us as we train to race and compete. There is an attribute you can use to naturally and organically fuel your healthy competitive nature!   Aggression; the undervalued energy for competitive female paddlers   Many women are detached from their aggressive nature but in sport it’s the competitive […]

4 Energy Sources to Get Max Results From Training

I was recently asked why I found having goals so important. My response was, “working towards a goal helps me monitor my self care”. Caring for oneself should easy, innate and a priority when we are pursuing an ambition. However, this isn’t always the case. We can find ourselves burned out or exhausted in various […]

How The Mental State Can Improve Paddling Technique

Dragonboat Team Training

Form. It dictates our ability to connect with the water in a positive and efficient way that translates to stroke power. Our form is the way we move our body while paddling. It is habitual either by training or by default and therefore has become a pattern of moving that our body has become accustom […]

Tool For Team Testing Anxiety

Our energy is a pure life force that is within our control to use at our will. Understanding this concept and then using this force can enhance our ability to perform. The idea is to work to engage all our energy centers with the body rather than just the mind where nervous tension can come […]

How Lack of Purpose and Direction Causes Stress in the Body

Tension. Anxiety. Fear. Worry. Guilt. Doubt. These things rob my energy. I recognize this and I know it. But how do I stop it? And why are they here? I know better, I am better than that…what happened to cause this? Nothing but lack of purpose and direction. The magic happens for me when I […]

How Emotions Can Stop Achievement

One of the things I see as a coach is the emotion we carry on the faces of each paddler. Whether you give constructive feedback, introduce a tough piece or express the results of a piece you can see the thoughts and beliefs of your paddlers written on their faces. Here’s a view from the […]

Use Inner Strength To Elevate Your Performance

When we have inner power, inner strength and inner alignment we easily and effortlessly transfer this to our sport. Period. As a coach I see many talented athletes who are strong physically but without the internal resolve to execute their technical skills. To be a strong and skilled athlete we have to spend equal time […]