5 Mindsets That Block Potential

dont block potential

After coaching top paddlers and training to become one I have been studying why some people succeed and others don’t. I wondered if there were some fortunate people destined to reach their goals in sport and I was super worried I wasn’t one of them! I also wondered if luck had anything to do with […]

Drill And Prop To Train Linear Rotation On The Dragon Boat!


Learn to use a handy proper that helps the #dragonboatpaddler create the linear movements required in low body rotation to align the knees and hips! Being in linear alignment throughout the stroke ensures the body’s energy is moving forward and back rather than side to side. This alignment serves three purposes: It eliminates boat rock […]



Bench Coaching: paddlers coaching paddlers from their seat on the boat We’ve all had bench coaching and most of us have done bench coaching. So why do we need to stop it and how, as coaches, can we stop it? But when we aim to build a positive culture on our teams or in our […]

Top 3 Reasons Why Paddlers Don’t Reach Goals

In this article I share the top 3 reasons why paddlers don’t reach goals. We all know the feeling of a new paddling goal that gets us excited. We feel motivated and are eager to begin straight away. But soon we can let things slide if we don’t stay connected to the experience of going […]

Build a Vision Board that Manifests!


Creating a vision board is a form of manifesting that is extremely powerful. A good vision board holds the “essence” of your future self and lifestyle. The most common mistake people make when creating a vision board is making it a “to do” list or a goal sheet. Refrain from putting up jobs or goals, […]

Dragonboat Paddling Tip; Get Rid Of The Chicken Leg


Learn the firing pattern, or the chain of command in the body to execute the dragon boat stroke. In this video I share a dragonboat paddling tip to ignite the alignment that is most effective to engage the bigger muscles of the lower body while being in proper form. In this video I also describe […]

Competitive Mindset- The Minds Role On Race Day

As paddlers we become obsessed with getting stronger in the body to get faster in the stroke. But have you ever considered what role a strong mind plays on race day? In training?  Most of the training paddlers do is focused on how we can improve at our sport. Countless hours are put into the […]

How The Mental State Can Improve Paddling Technique

Form. It dictates our ability to connect with the water in a positive and efficient way that translates to stroke power. Our form is the way we move our body while paddling. It is habitual either by training or by default and therefore has become a pattern of moving that our body has become accustom […]

3 Internal Strengths To Get More Out Of Your Training

When we have inner power, inner strength and inner alignment we easily and effortlessly transfer this to our sport. Period.  As a coach I see many talented athletes who are strong physically but lack the internal resolve to execute their technical skills. To be a strong competitor and skilled athlete we have to spend equal […]

Holiday Season Worry Buster


Happy Holiday Season Paddlers, As we move into December and the end of 2021,  I thought this tool may serve us as we navigate the season and the ongoing Covid situations. It has been a challenging year to say the least and it has brought forth some BIG conversations which I can say have caused […]

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