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Success Comes Down To This Choice

Personal power lies within our ability to use our mental, emotional and physical capacities to direct the use of our skill sets and lead us toward our desired outcome.

Recognizing our own personal power is essential to achieve our goals. Without understanding how we control and direct our personal power we can feel powerless reacting to life rather than participating in it.

Although life can bring about unexpected events over which we have no control we do have the ability to choose the direction of our thought, words and actions when reacting. This awareness is key if our ambitions are to have a successful salon career or business.


When we focus on our talents and abilities we build confidence as we excel and achieve goals. This confidence is the source of personal power and can only be attained by being fully responsible for our actions and behaviors. Taking some time to evaluate where you are investing your power and for what purpose can keep you in alignment with your ambitions.

When we focus on the things we can control we build personal power, and when we apply this focus to our careers we make concrete investments that give us the return of salon success.


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