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    You want to discover how sport psychologists prepare athletes to compete

  • This webinar is for you if:

    You want to learn how the mindset of competing can fuel athlete performance

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    Amp up race day performance

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    Want to direct race day jitters in appropriate and effective ways to ignite our performance arousal

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    Want to get the mental strength to compete with confidence

  • This webinar is specifically for athletes who:

    Want to transform race fear and worry into confidence

Here is a snippet from this course content that covers the concept of performance arousal and one of my favourite topics, healthy aggression!

Why do athletes need to develop a competitive mindset?

As athletes we become obsessed with getting stronger in the body to get faster and perform better. But have you ever considered what role a strong mind plays on race day? In training?

Most of the training athletes focus on is how we can improve at our sport. Countless hours are put into the technical and physical aspect and often there is little regard placed on our mental game. I believe it’s due to a lack of understanding the connection between mental strength and physical power.

The mind is the director of how we use and spend our energy. We have four capacities within each of us that houses our energy. Each day we have a certain amount of energy to use before we tire and need to rejuvenate. This currency is spent through our energy capacities and the minds role is to direct which capacity spends it.


  • Get the mental strength to compete with confidence
  • Discover how to NOT choke on race day
  • Get the sport psychologists tool used to focus athletes on race day
  • 4 attributes top athletes develop to amp up race day performance

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Competitive Mindset Training For Race Day Performance

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