Competitive Mindset Training For Race Day Performance

I hope you enjoy this FREE webinar that will give you a few snippets that prepare you for race day and get those nervous jitters working for you! I sure hope you find this information valuable. Please bookmark this page so you can come back to it whenever you need to! Please feel free to comment as I value my community input.

Competitive Mindset Training For Race Day Performance

The message in Cheryl’s workshop was very powerful, gave me a better perspective and definitely inspired me. Cheryl is an excellent speaker/presenter. She was authentic and her experiences made the information “real”. I would absolutely recommend Cheryl's workshop for your team!

Cheryl’s competitive mindset workshop helped me understand some of my strengths and put them in an organized way to help me understand myself better. Cheryl gave examples in her own life that were very genuine and ‘real’ with a human element. Cheryl shared how ‘aggression’ is a form of healthy passion used to attain goals which made perfect sense.

Cheryl has the ability to inspire and motivate your team to make the changes necessary to move forward.
– Harriet Nelson, Dragon Boat Paddler​
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