Competitive Mindset- The Minds Role On Race Day

As paddlers we become obsessed with getting stronger in the body to get faster in the stroke. But have you ever considered what role a strong mind plays on race day? In training? 

Most of the training paddlers do is focused on how we can improve at our sport. Countless hours are put into the technical and physical aspect and often there is little regard placed on our mental game. I believe it’s due to a lack of understanding the connection between mental strength and physical power. 

In this article I share the fundaments of mindset training as seen through the lens of energy training. This method of managing an athlete’s energy is now being seen as a vital tool in the world of sport psychology. Experts are validating the connection between how our mental and emotional energy can fuel an athlete’s performance. 

The Mind Fuels Performance:

The mind is the director of how we use and spend our energy. We have four capacities within each of us that houses our energy. Each day we have a certain amount of energy to use before we tire and need to rejuvenate. This currency is spent through our energy capacities and the minds role is to direct which capacity spends it. 

Here are the capacities where your energy is spent:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

We mostly spend our energy currency unconsciously as we go about meeting the demands of our day and completing our tasks. Often, little consideration is given to how we are spending our energy and on what. Therefore, the athlete’s goal is to master the minds role in directing how, when and how much of our life force energy is directed towards our training and goal attainment.

For example; if we are not managing our thoughts and they are running ramped while we are training, we are scattered and unfocused causing our energy to be the same. This concept is recognized when we feel exhausted after a meeting, or in conversations where emotions run high. It’s easy to see how mental and emotional energy can drain our physical energy. 

Sport Energy Training is a method that trains the thoughts in the mind to direct our efforts. We aim to prioritize the physical effort required training so we can peak for our competitions. It is when we can use our energy capacities constructively, by incorporating mindset training, that we have the energy required to meet our training and racing goals. This understanding allows us to become more intentional when choosing what we focus on, what gets our attention and how we manage our energy so we can fuel our performance.

Developing the awareness of energy training is a lifelong skill that can serve us as we seek balance in other areas of our life that take priority at different times as well. And being a competitive athlete is a fun and life enhancing platform where we can practice and hone this skill!

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