Exercise to Build Confidence

Confidence is something that is developed. When we feel like we have used our skills and talents to the best of our ability we earn a certain completeness that allows us to move forward. It comes from application and it is often the result not the destination.

We can’t fake the progression if we want the authentic feeling of confidence. To fake it is often seen as arrogance, which is just an inflation of self-image that doesn’t always match the inner trust of ones ability.

To feel confident it is important to assign validation once we feel a certain mastery or self trust. Often times we move ahead without this acknowledgment and miss the opportunity to feel the vibe this trait brings.

One of my favorite tools to validate confidence is to take a daily “mini personal inventory”. I like to do this in the close of my day by simply going over the things that I did that make me feel good about myself. Naturally there are things that pop up that I thought I could have done better. Those things go on a list that I keep at my bedside table and I resolve to make a decision about how to address them in the morning. And I vow that in the morning I WILL address them and either right something if I need to or make a plan to change it if its in my power to do so.

This simple act helps get all the residue of the day out of your mind and creates a nice ease to move into rest. The list helps me refocus the following morning and start afresh gaining trust in myself and hence, build confidence.


I would love to hear if you give this a try, please comment!

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