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dragon boat fitness training

Welcome Paddlers!

They say it takes 21 days to build a new habit so my hope is you can take advantage of this introduction to the DRAGON BOAT sport specific progression training and feel the difference 3 weeks of training can make to your strength and conditioning thats 100% geared to the dragon boat stroke!

Enjoy the Bonuses!

I have included the following BONUS lessons to validate how training in a sport specific manner while being focused on the results can be the defining difference between this course and any other fitness program out there. Be sure to check out these bonuses:

  • Mindset training education video to get you started. This brief video gives paddlers some tools to use during training that helps bring in focus and how to prepare for training to get maximum benefits!
  • A complex workout that to do when you are short on time. It’s important to be realistic while training and carrying on normal daily activities. This complex workout is a short circuit that brings in cardio, core and weight work into one 20 minute session.  
  • A video series introduction from my competitive mindset training workshop. In this workshop we define what an athlete is, what characteristics and attitudes deem us competitive, and we can set up an internal motivation to keep us training and focused on the end goal!  


Let’s Get Started!

In this course you will be provided with the fitness aspects required to be prepared for your next water season.

Majority of the workouts range from 30-45 minutes maximum. The goal is to train consistently and in keeping in this time frame.

This is a sport specific training program where the weight training and cardio are progressive.The workouts are laid out in an order to build good training habits that will stick with you long term. I want you to succeed and am dedicated to providing workouts that get you results. The principle we are working with is maximum results by doing quality, sport specific work. 

See you inside for a list of equipment and instruction to get you started!

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