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Welcome Paddlers! In this course you will be provided with the fitness aspects required to be prepared for your next water season.

Majority of the workouts range from 30-45 minutes maximum. The goal is to train consistently and in keeping in this time frame it should be easy to incorporate a 5 or 6 day training week.

The workouts are laid out in progression to build strength consistently over time. You can use the guide to track your workouts and build good training habits that will stick with you long term. This program is dedicated to providing workouts that get you results. The principle we are working with is maximum results by doing quality, sport specific work. The focus is to prevent injury as we increase in strength.  As such we ask that you bring your focus to your training and be mindful with your movements.

Congratulations for taking this step and we look forward to hearing of your success!

Here is a list of equipment you will need to do this course from home. Please don’t be concerned if what you currently have is not sufficient, add more when you can and compromise. You will see dumbbells listed below. You can also add as much weight as you choose to use in workouts with dumbells. If you do not have them you can improvise with heavy objects in your home.

Also: Be sure to click “Week 1” where you will find a template to log your workouts.

Here is a navigation video that explains how to access the content in the programs on this website.