Create Team Bonding

Wanna have some fun in your business and increase the “feel good” vibes among your team? Try this fun little exercise and watch it catch on with a momentum of its own!

I call this:

What You Do Best

This exercise is guaranteed to connect your team in a more positive way. It’s easy to conjure up things about team mates that annoy us and too often they can quickly over shadow the good. This will get people thinking about how each person has qualities worthy of being noticed and provide an opportunity to share them.

What You Do Best Exercise

This exercise is designed to being awareness to the diversity of team mates and how their individual attributes are of value.

1. At a team meeting, have a hat that contains the name of each team member.

2. Have each team member choose a name and keep it anonymous.

3. Have the Standard of Service, the Client Education Process or another process the salon partakes in as the “what you do best” theme.

4. Have each team mate take the week observing the person’s name they chose in action. Have them prepare 1 or 2 points that this person did very well in the process and record it on a piece of paper with their name on it. It can be the way they greet people, they way they touch clients when speaking to them, they way they smile, the way they finish their cuts or the way they educate clients on product use. Be sure to be specific and fact based rather than stating an opinion.

5. At the next staff gathering assign someone to gather the “What You Do Best” papers and read them aloud. If your staff is willing you can choose to break anonymity and have each team member read their discoveries aloud.

6. Next, have the person share their take on the discovery about them and how they have come to incorporate that specific aspect with ease. It may not be significant to them but it may be an area someone else struggles with so sharing is a form of encouragement.

7. To close the meeting, you can ask each team mate to reflect and give thanks to be working with people who know the art of service.

You can use this same exercise with a positive characteristic, behavior or attitude and follow the same steps.

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