This course is specifically for Coaches, Team managers or Team leaders, Board members and anyone starting  or restructuring an existing dragon boat team. This program gives teams and clubs the structure to build competitive paddler programs while the training progressions and race strategies give coaches the tools to prepare paddlers for high levels of competing.


Get templates of a season plan,
coaching progressions and the tools
to lead paddlers and dragon boat teams to reach their goals


Get basic criteria to build dragon boat team levels from festival to club crew and get outlines of the processes and programs to support each level


Get a selection process for team
try outs and the tools to motivate and
prepare high level athletes for competing

   MODULE 1:

   MODULE 2:

   MODULE 3:




Each module begins with video learning to guide you through the content and provide direction to implement the training tools


Ready made templates that are in WORD or EXCEL format to be a guide for modification and customization


Team and paddler exercises to help coaches lead changes on existing dragon boat teams and set up new teams


Self directed learning at your own pace and time with access to video learning and course content for one full year!

This is a comprehensive hands on training for coaches, team managers and organized clubs to create the cultures of healthy competition. Competing to win and being competitive are not the same thing. When we can clearly define the agenda of a dragon boat team’s goals, paddlers feel competitive within their level of commitment. 

what you GET in this DRAGON BOAT TEAM program

Cheryl speaks on some of her Favourite Topics!

Positive Thinking, Negative Results

Positive affirmation is only positive if you buy it. This video teaches you to shift it to get results.

2 minutes

4 Self Sabotages That Stop Us

You will learn 4 ways we self sabotage and block our paddling success without knowing it!

2 minutes

Train Smart, Train Your Energy

Cheryl shares the 4 capacities of energy and how paddlers use, manage and direct them to align to goal achievement.

2 minutes

Why Some Succeed, Some Don't

My curious mind brings you the findings of why some athletes succeed beyond the most talented!

2 minutes



” The Dragonboat Association of Southern Alberta (DASA) was looking for tools to help our coaches in their planning.  As a group some of us had taken Cheryl’s courses over the years and really liked the way she explained the technical pieces.  Our board selected me to attend Cheryl’s session on Building Team Cultures of Healthy Competition. 

This course was so well thought out and planned. The time and resources Cheryl pulled together to share with other coaches is fantastic! There are very few opportunities available for coaches throughout the year but this is one resource we will keep referring back to. I especially love that we can tweak the material to fit our clubs needs. Thank you Cheryl for providing this opportunity to learn and for all of the fantastic resources for our club.”


Romina Senneker – DASA Team Liaison 

2023 TEAM

“I received a lot of great feedback from the presentation. I had many takeaways that I think will make a great difference and value the confirmations that our coaching staff are on the right track. Hearing this from someone on the outside brought renewed confidence. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!”

Sioux, President of Pink Phoenix, Portland Oregon


2022 CLUB

“Thank you so much for all of your coaching and inspiration. The women’s team sent out some screen shots from your mindset training course to their team this week. You were so instrumental in helping us see ourselves as athletes, AND as International Athletes!”

Paula Murray – Assistant Coach, NBP Paddling Club

The message in Cheryl’s presentation was very powerful, gave me a better perspective and definitely inspired me. Cheryl is an excellent speaker/presenter. She was authentic and her experiences made the information “real”. I would absolutely recommend Cheryl for any organization!

Cheryl’s presentation helped me understand some of my strengths and put them in an organized way to help me understand myself better. Cheryl gave examples in her own life that were very genuine and ‘real’ with a human element. Cheryl shared how ‘aggression’ is a form of healthy passion used to attain goals which made perfect sense.

The Golden Dragons are a big club with over 150 members, Cheryl helped both our newbies and veteran paddlers self-identify their personal level of commitment to being a festival or competitive festival paddler. Our club experienced lots of buzz after Cheryl's presentation and has now been able to identify our paddlers that want more of a competitive focus for the upcoming season. We needed a framework to focus on the division that seems to be occurring when our paddlers want different levels of competition. Division is normal and expected when a team is growing l! What a relief!

Cheryl has a great presentation style - 
She speaks from her own personal experiences and that gives huge credibility to those participating in her workshops.
What a great resource for our dragon boat team, and my own coaching toolbox.


2022 TEAM

“I felt like you were talking directly to me and my concerns about training for the upcoming Worlds. I related to your example of the 11th right. I have learned that I need to be competitive with my personal goals and stop self sabotaging myself”

Pat Van Stedum, President of Survivors in Sync, Sarasota, FL

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