free series for dragon boat paddlers who cross train on the oc1

  • This program is specifically for:

    Dragon Boat paddlers who cross train on the OC1

  • This program is specifically for:

    Dragon Boat paddlers who want to improve their technical skills

  • In this program you will get:

    10 technical drills you do on the OC1 with a dragon boat paddle

  • This program has one intention:

    To give paddlers the drills to improve their dragon boat paddling

take a peek at the video lessons in this free course

The tips, drills and technical skills that are in this FREE course are the ones many dragon boat coaches implement into the on water sessions. The value of being able to execute these drills on the outrigger canoe makes the learning curve far more effective as paddlers can “feel” and see the results of their own stroke. I hope you enjoy this video series and have great fun implementing the the strategies! 

Access to this FREE training is valid for 30 days following sign up.

Hand Position On paddle

This video explains the common mistakes when holding a dragon boat paddle and provides corrections that will help paddlers get more power in their stroke.

Setting up the power position

Power in the dragon boat stroke is initiated from having proper alignment in the body, the hands and the blade and then making this solid connection in the water.

lower body rotation

In this video you will learn how to rotate by using the lower body to initiate the movement. This drill helps wake up the glutes and both hips in an exaggerated way so we can feel rotation in the body.

Learn how to paddle with the core

This lesson focuses on torso paddling to alleviate the common mistake dragon boaters make by rotating through the mid back and shoulders causing strain to the low back.

R.E.D. the set up to find a dynamic catch

Rotate. Extend. Drop. This video dissects the phase prior to the catch and explains why it is important to separate these components to deliver maximum power.

The drop to catch

This drill has one intention, for paddlers to land on their blade to get a solid catch.

The Pull Phase

This drill takes paddlers through feeling the connection on the paddle to apply force in the pull phase of the stroke.

Where To Exit

Learn where the blade becomes negative in the water and how to exit to set you up to move into the catch.

Timing your pieces

This lesson gives paddlers some tips to implement in their water sessions that train us for the stroke rate on the dragon boat.

Training tips

This lesson gives paddlers some training tips to create water sessions that train us for the dragon boat distances.

Dragon Boat Drills For Outrigger Training