Specifically For Paddlers Who

Want to build paddle muscle, strengthen the core and develop race distance energy systems

Dragon Boat Fitness Training For

Paddlers who want to maintain paddle strength, are attending spring camp or train for fitness testing

This Is Best Suited For

Paddlers who want a dragon boat fitness training program that guarantees results

Training With Progression

A sport specific program aimed for peak development over 7 months of training!

Alignment Exercises

Get specific land exercises that mimic paddling to build stroke strength and power

Paddling Goals

Specific training geared towards building the strength and stamina to increase paddler performance

Movement patterns and rotation exercises specifically for paddlers!

Your Instructors

I have worked diligently to put together a progression plan that delivers safe and effective dragon boat fitness training to get you results! This progressive training has one purpose, develop stroke power. 

This program is designed to prepare the body come paddling season. We focus on developing a strong core, patterns of movement and strength for functional paddling. 

Let’s face it, being in top condition before we get on the water leads to more effective paddling!

Cheryl Roose

Competitive Dragon Boat Coach

Sport specific training created for the dragon boat paddlers off season

Karen Chouinard

Holistic Physio Coach

Release improper movement patterns so you can gain more effective strength in paddling movements

Training consists of 7 months of fitness and over 80 workouts


This program develops muscle strength, cardio endurance, core connection, and functional movement in a progressive and safe platform.


Each week of training builds on the week prior to develop peak paddling conditioning in a safe and super effective way to avoid injury!


Build strong and functioning patterns of alignment, movement, and agility related to the dragon boat stroke and body mechanics used in paddling

The following videos give you a sneak peek into some of the exercises that are specific to the dragon boat fitness training program. These exercises train the firing patterns of the body that build strong stroke mechanics.

These movement pattern drills accompany the weekly training sessions!

Here is a link to one of my  articles that dives into the progression and value of training each energy systems to increase overall cardio fitness! 

Dragon Boat Exercise: The 2 Point Plank

This exercise trains the firing patterns of the back body we use in the dragon boat stroke!

4 minutes

Dragon Boat Exercise: Training The Back Body For Hinging

 Hinging in rotation gives us the ability to land the full core on the water not just the arms.

3 minutes

Dragon Boat Exercise: The Dead Bug

This is a fundamental move that strengthens the full core of both front and back body.

3 minutes

Dragon Boat Exercise: Firing Patterns For Leg Drive

This exercise is a drill to wake up the firing pattern of linear rotation.

2 minutes

The program provides flexibility in workout intensity and sessions. Each week contains 3 key areas of development that allows paddlers to work within their goals or to their full potential. Please note: each training session is pre recorded so you can train at your convenience. You will find:

  • Workouts range from 30 to 60 minutes
  • Recorded workouts to choose your schedule
  • Minimal equipment required
  • Train in your home or take it to the gym
  • New workouts weekly
  • Access to the entire program for a full year
  • Choose 3 or 6 workouts weekly
  • Motivation, mindset and race prep tips

Here is the equipment you will need to do this program in your home by using your desktop or laptop. The content can also be mirrored from your phone to a smart TV. Your program can be accessed through your mobile device so you can bring the program to the gym. All training is delivered via recorded sessions.

Dragon Boat Fitness Training

Physio tips and exercises to keep you agile and functioning

It’s important you trust the person delivering the fitness that will get you the results you want. With all the information available on the internet it can be confusing. I want you too feel confident in your decision to start this program.

I have included the link to my YouTube channel so you can get to know me better and follow along as I incorporate the training methods I speak of!

Please take the time to watch the dragon boat training exercises as well as the dragon boat stroke cheats as they both are components that accompany this training!