Dragon Boat Paddling Camps are completely focused on the body mechanics that work to create the blade mechanics that are universal to ALL dragon boat techniques. In this 5 day camp, paddlers get specific drills and props to help them connect to and create more effective stroke power!  The 9 on water sessions are focused on building solid boat mechanics that power the stroke! 

Attendees receive  the following tools to prepare for and track their progress during and after camp 

Video Lessons

Paddling tips to prepare paddlers for the coach commands and mechanics presented at camp

Paddling Journal

Paddler tools to track the use of their mental, spiritual, physical and emotional energy systems

Dry Land Exercises

Exercises paddlers can use to strengthen the movement patterns developed during camp


Camp is not designed to change your stroke. The patterns of firing that happen with proper body alignment, or body mechanics, are universal to all dragon boat strokes. Also universal are the blade mechanics, or what paddlers aim to do with their paddle when it goes into the water. 

These mechanics are the relationship of the paddler to the water that are applicable whether you do the A stroke, D stroke or OC stroke. I give paddlers the knowledge to begin to transfer their body weight to the water in aligned and powerful positions so they can develop more power in their stroke.

Because of this particular camp format paddlers, coaches and teams feel confident as they continue to implement their technique and training processes. 

Here is a glimpse of a few sessions in the individual paddler camps or when you host your own team or club camp!

Setting Up Rotation For The Dragon Boat Stroke

This video describes how to engage the core from hip to shoulder in opposition rotation.

2 minutes

Drill And Prop To Train Linear Rotation On The Dragon Boat!

Create the linear movements required in low body rotation to align the knees and hips!

3 minutes

How Stacked Shoulders Power The Dragon Boat Stroke

Top arm drive is the power we have use when we setup of our rotation and then derotate.

3 minutes

Get Glute Engagement While Seated On A Dragon Boat

Engage the glutes to take away the pressure we can feel on the low back.

2 minutes

Just had to say “thanks” again for all your help this past week! I heard your voice in my head last night at practice…. I have learned so much and hope to incorporate it in my padding both on the Dragonboat and OC.

I thoroughly enjoyed the camp and had so many takeaway’s. Improvement in stroke efficiency and connection with the water never mind confidence to paddle right in the OC. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have been waiting a long time to find a female coach who is willing to help beginners! Thank you so much for putting your work out there.

I recently came across your youtube channel, and have been devouring the videos. I have been especially loving your videos about the RED method of setting up your stroke.

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