Cheryl’s team training and coaching is focused on helping dragon boat paddlers develop the competitive mindset required to take them to a new level of competition. 

Cheryl shares her experiences and provides the tools and strategies that led her to being a world athlete in 2019 on the Senior A and B women’s Canadian Outrigger crew and 2 time gold medalist on the Canadian Senior B Dragon Boat women’s crew in the 2015 world championships!

Cheryl provides on site paddling camps and mindset training programs geared towards amping athlete performance with mind and technical skill development while ensuring teams and clubs have the processes in place to reach their goals.


Team mindset training for paddlers who want the competitive edge to get 100% dialled into the process. This mindset training is specific to teams who have sets their sights on participating in new levels of competing.

Cheryl Provides virtual and on site training for teams who:

Attendees receive the workbook containing the following tools sport psychologists use to prepare athletes for competition

Visual Programming

Performance arousal for race prep

Conscious Creation

Constructive self perception tool

Athlete Assessment Tool

Align paddler goals to team goals

Ideal Outcome Exercise

Define your personal win


2, 90 minute zoom or 1, 3 hour on location sessions to include the following topics:

What is competitive in regards to “winning”

What is a competitive mindset, what is it not

Set specific paddler criteria to define levels of paddling from festival to national athlete

The attitude and characteristics of top athletes

Questions to help paddlers know what level of paddler they identify with

Race Prep concepts to implement into training

Strategies to build cultures of healthy competition

Energy training for high levels of competing and racing

4 Attributes of top athletes


Take a peek into what you can expect in these sessions!

Team Division

Division in teams is a natural progression initiated by paddler development 

Coaches Get Paddlers Dialed In

How coaches help paddlers develop a competitive mindset and contribute to team cultures 

3 minutes

Your Thinking Got You Here

Learn why positive thinking doesn’t work in the sport of competitive paddling

3 minutes

Persistence; Resilience Training

Resilience is a learned trait that competitive athletes can develop!

2 minutes





“I felt like you were talking directly to me and my concerns about training for the upcoming Worlds. I related to your example of the 11th right. I have learned that I need to be competitive with my personal goals and stop self sabotaging myself”

Pat Van Stedum – President of Survivors in Sync, Sarasota, FL

The message in Cheryl’s presentation was very powerful, gave me a better perspective and definitely inspired me. Cheryl is an excellent speaker/presenter. She was authentic and her experiences made the information “real”. I would absolutely recommend Cheryl for any organization!

Cheryl’s presentation helped me understand some of my strengths and put them in an organized way to help me understand myself better. Cheryl gave examples in her own life that were very genuine and ‘real’ with a human element. Cheryl shared how ‘aggression’ is a form of healthy passion used to attain goals which made perfect sense.

parkland_Dragon boat racing club_logo



“Cheryl has the ability to inspire and motivate your team to make the changes necessary to move forward.”

Harriet Nelson – Athlete, Parkland Dragonboat Racing Club




“Thank you so much for all of your coaching and inspiration. The women’s team sent out some screen shots from your mindset training course to their team this week. You were so instrumental in helping us see ourselves as athletes, AND as International Athletes!”

Paula Murray – Assistant Coach, NBP Paddling Club


2023 TEAM

“I received a lot of great feedback from the presentation. I had many takeaways that I think will make a great difference and value the confirmations that our coaching staff are on the right track. Hearing this from someone on the outside brought renewed confidence. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!”

Sioux, President of Pink Phoenix, Portland Oregon

"The Golden Dragons are a big club with over 150 members, Cheryl helped both our newbies and veteran paddlers self-identify their personal level of commitment to being a festival or competitive festival paddler. Our club experienced lots of buzz after Cheryl's presentation and has now been able to identify our paddlers that want more of a competitive focus for the upcoming season. We needed a framework to focus on the division that seems to be occurring when our paddlers want different levels of competition. Division is normal and expected when a team is growing l! What a relief!"

Cheryl has a great presentation style - 
She speaks from her own personal experiences and that gives huge credibility to those participating in her workshops.
What a great resource for our dragon boat team, and my own coaching toolbox.

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