Cheryl shares her strategies and applied methods that led her to being a world athlete in 2019 on the Senior A and B women’s Canadian Outrigger crew and 2 time gold medalist on the Canadian Senior B Dragon Boat women’s crew in the 2015 world championships!

Cheryl’s coaching strategies are focused on helping teams develop the competitive mindset required to take paddlers to a new level of competition. 


The following sessions are centered around the methods used to help individuals reach their goals so the team can reach theirs! Sessions are focused on delivering key principles, methods for success, concepts of energy alignment and the practices that high achievers use to reach goals. Cheryl Provides virtual and on site training in the following categories.

Competitive Mindset Training

Team mindset training for paddlers who want the competitive edge to get 100% dialled into the process. This mindset training is specific to teams who have sets their sights on participating in new levels of competing
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Dragon Boat Camps And Clinics

One and five day camps for team based training that focuses on blade mechanics, body mechanics, and stroke mechanics through video review and on water sessions!
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Hear from Cheryl

Catch a glimpse into some of the topics Cheryl covers in her presentations.

When Pessimism Becomes Sabotage

In this video Cheryl shares how the inability to take responsibility stops success.

2 minutes

When Athletes Doubt Themselves

Learn a strategy that mindset trainers use to instill confidence in their athletes.

2 minutes

I Cant Do Any Better

How to bounce back from defeat with resilience and renewed focus.

2 minutes

Goals Lead To Passion

Intense desires to succeed are healthy and ignite the life force energy of our goals!

2 minutes


The message in Cheryl’s presentation was very powerful, gave me a better perspective and definitely inspired me. Cheryl is an excellent speaker/presenter. She was authentic and her experiences made the information “real”. I would absolutely recommend Cheryl for any organization!

Rashida Hamir RRT, CRE

Cheryl’s presentation helped me understand some of my strengths and put them in an organized way to help me understand myself better. Cheryl gave examples in her own life that were very genuine and ‘real’ with a human element. Cheryl shared how ‘aggression’ is a form of healthy passion used to attain goals which made perfect sense.

Lynda McHenry Dragon Boat Racer



“Cheryl has the ability to inspire and motivate your team to make the changes necessary to move forward.”

– Harriet Nelson, Athlete