Dragonboat Technique: The Exercise To Train Heel To Glute Firing Patterns To Drive Stroke Power

To develop the power in the dragonboat stroke requires we build the specific muscles related to the dragonboat technique. This drill is one I use on the dragon boat which precedes the steps of full rotation so paddlers can begin understanding what happens in the body when it is rotated. This exercise offers a visual aid to help paddlers download this movement from a conscious level to the subconscious pattern of movement that becomes habitual!

This is NOT a strengthening exercise, this is a drill to wake up the firing pattern of linear rotation. This exercise specifically targets the ankle, calf, hamstring and glute alignment to engage the low body muscles to initiate rotation.

The key is to engage the muscles without tensing. This “activation” is the first step to creating a firing pattern. Once our body recognizes this pattern we can then turn on the power. 

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