Dragonboat Paddling Technique: Don’t Confuse Rotation With The Lean Out 

Leaning out of the boat in full rotation is how we land on the blade. This is a vital part of the dragonboat paddling technique that gives paddlers the ability to translate body weight with power in their stroke.

  • So why do we cheat? Because doing the lean out correctly is HARD WORK!! 
  • Leaning out of the dragon boat in proper form is how you “land on your blade”
  • This landing is a loaded full body position that delivers optimum stroke power.
  • This body alignment is safe while being effective.

So why does it matter if we cheat? Cheat positions engage the smaller muscles where overuse can cause injury. Bigger muscles can handle the load of consistent training.

Your form is the foundation from which you deliver your muscle strength. Cheating in form is cheating your strength and cheating your ability.

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