Dragonboat Paddling Tip; Get Rid Of The Chicken Leg

Learn the firing pattern, or the chain of command in the body to execute the dragon boat stroke. In this video I share a dragonboat paddling tip to ignite the alignment that is most effective to engage the bigger muscles of the lower body while being in proper form.

In this video I also describe the cheat patterning that can happen when we go to hinge in our stroke. Now although some strokes actually encourage the inside leg to rotate towards the inside of the boat, it is NOT disengaged and just hanging out. When the inside leg is in inactive we lose the ability to generate the available power from the hip, quad, glutes and hamstrings of that side of the body.

So why does this the chicken leg happen? Cheating makes it easier which is the brains first response to feeling this discomfort of hard work.

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