Dragonboat Technique: The Exit Drill

Often times I see paddlers so focused on their catch they forget there are 2 other components left in the stroke! The setup to go to the catch is initiated by the exit. Without a solid decision to end the last stroke we aren’t always able to get the proper setup in both mind and body to get a dynamic catch. So, if you want to improve your catch, start with the exit.

A very overlooked aspect of the exit is the position of the body that gives us the ability to breathe. The intake of oxygen is crucial when racing so if we train the exit we train with the intent to take in air. And, as we know, oxygen can increase performance up to 5%. 

The reasons for working on the exit are as follows: 

  • This is the point in our stroke where we are the tallest allowing us to catch our breath
  • This is the point in the stroke we choose our form for the next stroke
  • This is the point in the stroke we see what didn’t happen in the last stroke based on where we are in relationship to the shoreline
  • This is the point in the stroke we get to reset

In this video you will learn the drill to give your exit the intention and purpose to set you up to get a wicked catch!

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