How To Get Awesome Dragon Boat Rotation

Drills for Dragon Boat Paddlers who Cross Train on the OC1

In this video you will learn how to rotate by using the lower body to initiate the movement. I will show you the purpose of each hip and the role they play in creating more lower body power to drive the stroke.

This drill helps wake up the glutes and both hips in an exaggerated way so we can feel how they create rotation. I give a visual example to see how rotation can increase the blade angle in the water and how this translates to getting a longer and more effective dragon boat stroke. These small body adjustments are the fundamental keys to increasing your technical skills as a dragon boat paddler.

Click the photo to watch the video!


In this video we I will give you the visual guide to:

  • Rotate through the low body
  • Use your hips to initiate rotation
  • Use glutes to get power


I have put together a FREE series of 10 dragon boat drills for us DB paddlers to practice while training on the outrigger. Grab access here: 

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