Where To Place Your Hands On The Dragon Boat Paddle

Drills for Dragon Boat Paddlers who Cross Train on the OC1

In this video I share the common mistakes when holding a dragon boat paddle and give corrections that will help paddlers get more power in their stroke. You will be shown where to place the bottom hand and the top hand on the dragon boat paddle to get a proper and solid alignment. This fundamental hand position setup helps paddlers understand how to use the bigger muscles while paddling and put less stress on the smaller muscles like the shoulders.

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In this video we I will give you the visual guide to:

  • Align your top hand on the paddle
  • Where to place your bottom hand on the paddle
  • Why this matters
  • How this helps connect to power in the stroke

I have put together a FREE series of 10 dragon boat drills for us DB paddlers to practice while training on the outrigger. Grab access here: 

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