Eat To Perform

PEAK PERFORMANCE goals in the off season

  • This course is for you if you want:

    To learn how to eat to increase your performance

  • This course is sepcifically for athletes who:

    Wants a nutrition plan to enhance performance

  • On this course you will:

    Learn the facts about carbs and protein and how they fuel the body

  • This course is for the athlete who wants the tools to:

    Feel their best during and after training

  • This course is for you if:

    You want to be a competitive athlete

  • This course teaches athletes to:

    Use their bodies requirements to empower their food choices

BONUS: Included in this program is the Race Day Nutrition Guide where you get:

  • Laid out meal suggestions
  • Timing of eating to increase performance
  • Timing of hydration to increase performance
  • When to eat and drink for the next race!
  • How much protein and carbs to eat pre and post race to increase performance in heats!
Race Day Nutrition
The Dragon Boat Paddlers food and hydration guide for 3 days of racing for pre race day, race day and post race day!

Course outline

This course was created for athletes who want to be top performing athletes. The information you are about to receive has one intention; give you the knowledge and support to make confident food choices during your off season training that increase performance and recovery so you are at your peak. This course will create a solid foundation athletes can carry right through to the on water training and competition season!

  • 7 modules of video learning
  • 7 PDF downloadable lessons
  • 20 minute recorded virtual lessons
  • Train in the comfort of your home
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Make nutrition work for you
  • Feel confident knowing how to eat
  • Make food your fuel
  • Meal prep suggestions
  • Portion choices made easy

take a peek at the modules in this course

hydration and food basic knowledge

Gain intimate knowledge about your specific nutrient requirements. We assess food groups, macronutrients, and keeping hydrated to equip you for making choices most suitable to your athletic lifestyle!

Post & Pre exercise nutrition

Dive into recommendations for meal timing and certain macronutrients required before and after exercise to reach your full potential. Food is fuel!

Gut health and diet

Explore why food choices can be controlled by emotions, tools to break-free from emotional eating in response to life’s stressors, and foods containing gut-healing bacteria designed to upgrade your health!

nutrient FAQ for athletes

Review particular micronutrients vital for top-performing athletes and in which foods these micronutrients are most concentrated and bioavailable!

athlete protein requirements

I answer athlete’s most FAQs! Such as, whether fasted cardio accelerates weight loss, advice on multivitamins, and how to make healthy choices when dining-out.

most asked questions

My go-to recipes! Recipes perfect prior to a workout and recipes designed for rebuilding and recovery. All simple, healthy, and satisfying!

supplements, performance enhancers

An overview of sport supplements and ergogenic aids. We review the limited number of sport supplements supported by research to improve energy availability or promote recovery. The rest of the supplements could be a wasting your money!

The information you need to fuel your body to perform

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