When Bad Things Happen for Good Reason

Today the saying “everything happens for a reason” has become quite popular and brings with it a sense of mysticism where things happen through the law of attraction.

When good things happen it may feel joyous and that we are in a flow where all is well and life is unfolding for our best interests. Unfortunately the opposite is true when bad things happen. We feel bewildered and possibly a bit frightened by not knowing how or when we brought this into our reality.

This statement has can cause much confusion when we face unintended obstacles. It is important to recognize that perceptions are subject to change and can design a new experience.

In our careers we will face many challenges and to make changes requires us to be open to seeing things in a way we haven’t yet explored. Cultivating a curious mind about how to best move beyond the situation will create a response, experience, belief and perception. Our industry is one of design and creation and offers a perfect metaphor of this concept. With each client we have an opportunity to work with a blank canvas of possibility and potential!

Change then becomes a component of design in our careers and salon businesses. The beauty surrounding this curious nature is that it keeps the channels of flow open where all possibility lives. So whether situations happen by our design or for a reason beyond our comprehension, remaining receptive allows change.

That is the essence of creating our reality.

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