Why Your Training Isn’t Paying Off

If you are knocking off killer sessions of intense pieces and working harder than ever and not seeing results I can guarantee your not focused.

Training unfocused will leave you feeling physically exhausted and in a caloric deficit but further from your actual goals if you are an athlete. (A woman training in a sport specific program and timed cycle with an end race or time trial.)

Many women I’ve coached use training as a form of weight control, a cardio workout or as part of their fitness. All the above can be results of training but shouldn’t be the pay off.

Payoff is the skills you build and the progressions you follow that powers your stroke. Period.

So if you train to get results you will need to:

1. Set a goal for each session and do the work required to accomplish it whether it’s drills or progression pieces

2. Discipline your mind energy by limiting distraction before and during training, even in rest

3. Measure your results with data that delivers an accurate assessment, without data your working out not training

If your an athlete, discipline your physical energy, your mind energy and your training sessions. This is energy training and this is the new science used to increase athlete performance.

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