Exercise; Be The Observer Of Your Life

Mind/body connection. Best felt in nature as it is our nature. Our body holds the wisdom of what it requires to feel good. Its our conceptual mind that either allows this wisdom and acts on it or ignores it and files it away.

The effects of being disconnected can feel like: depression, fear, worry, anxiety and the internal confusion that causes an energetic disturbance. These holding patterns restrict our innate desire to feel good. Often times we are unaware as to why we can feel this way.

Yah, pretty deep, I know. But this mind/body connection is deep. It’s our truth. It lives in our internal world and it is the patterns within that create our external world. It is by looking a little closer to our outer world that we can get a better idea to what our dominant inner world communicates. The goal of this exercise is to get a snapshot from the outside world as to the daily vibe of who we are and how we present our life energy to the outside world. Our minds can become so busy with tasks they forget that we are moving beings creating experiences. Here is an exercise that can give us a “feel” for our energy that we emit on a daily basis.


Exercise: be the observer of your life

  • Close your eyes. No need to go deep or relax the mind, we are playing a game!
  • Create a visual movie behind your closed eyes of yourself moving in the day, walking, doing chores, working, training. This is a life scan where we are looking for a general theme.
  • Get a “sense” of how you feel, whats you energy like? What are you thinking? Is there a peace in your mind or a scattered busy thinking? What does your body stance look like? Is there pain, discomfort, tension in the body? Basically, whats this persons overall vibe.
  • Ask the observer; based on the overall theme does this person match their life experience? Meaning, does their body language seem appropriate to how and what they are doing in their life? Does their mindset match they way they walk? Does their attitude towards they day match the way the move about their tasks? We are just observing, no judgement and no fixing.
  • Now, ask the observer; what is one thing this person could do to be more present, more aware, more mindful? Is it a matter of walking straighter and looking up? Could they look up and ponder? Could they stretch and move? What could this person do to “tap into ” their inner world?
  • Now, shift the vibe, see the person doing the one thing you mentioned. Watch the response, feel the energy. Has it shifted, does this create a new theme? If not, try a new response.
  • Work to choose the thing that shifts the person in this exercise till it feels right.

So before you throw the hex on mindset programming ponder this:  wherever you are at this moment, your best thinking got you here. And, your thinking can get you where you want to be by being present in the mind and in turn, the body.

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