Exercise To Create “Feel Good Vibes” In Your Team

Wanna have some fun and the increase the “feel good” vibes among your team? Try this fun little exercise and watch it catch on with a momentum of its own!

I call this the – here’s what I noticed about you – exercise and it is guaranteed to connect your team in a more positive way. It’s easy to conjure up things about team mates that annoy us and too often they can quickly over shadow the good. This will get people thinking about how each person has qualities worthy of being noticed and provide an opportunity to share them.

Here’s how to play: Find a box and put your team’s names on pieces of paper. At the beginning of the work week, have everyone draw a name. What they will do is find something that person did at some point during the week that they appreciated. It can be as small as noticing they were kind by helping a team mate, tidied up an area or said something positive. Keeping it anonymous, they put their “what I noticed about you” slip of paper with the persons name back in the box. The slips can be read at any time but it makes a nice opener for team meetings.

You can change the topics and have more lighthearted fun or get more specific such as how they create a positive experience for their clients. The possibilities are endless but always guaranteed to bring good vibes.



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