Training Your Team For Club Crew Worlds

In this article I will address how us coaches can get our paddlers “dialed in” to training in a yearly cycle by showing them how a well laid out plan can make them a better paddler. By incorporating progressions into a process of training we can help paddlers build their skills in a systematic way that gets results!

Paddlers who make solid choices have the power of focused energy

Energy that is not focused is scattered. Paddlers that “waffle” in their decisions lack the momentum to move forward, consistently. The reason we do 10 week increments in training progressions is to keep paddlers engaged. Without consistent decisive action efforts are sporadic and fail to gain any traction in paddler development.

Paddlers who do a process, progress

I have seen paddlers engage in GREAT training but without a process of developing the energy systems or strength required for our sport the work gets lost. Processes are systematic builds that lead a person to an outcome or goal. With goals that are clearly defined, we can create progressions and build the process to reach them. Training without a process can build skills and strength but may not progress a paddler within a specific time frame to be prepared for the next cycle of training.

Paddlers who believe in a process have commitment

Belief is a mental frame of mind that is fueled by passion that gets committed effort. When paddlers believe that what they are doing will actually get them to a desired goal they motivate themselves. This type of commitment is an intrinsic or an internal type of self starting. Without a well laid out plan that ignites belief paddlers may show up to practice but lack the commitment required to reach their own or the teams goals.

Paddlers who have the wisdom to self analyze can remove blocks 

Most of us come to realize at some point on our paddling journey that we are responsible for our own goals being met. When we recognize that there is a plan we can be part of and we understand the process that will lead us to our goals we are in a position to choose a new outcome. And once we take responsibility for our own success we can more easily see the blocks that have previously held us back.

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