High Performance Mental Programming

Visualization is a combination of connecting a clear and concise pathway between our consciousness, biochemistry and desired reality. The benefits of visualization is that the brain does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined which is what makes visualization such a powerful form of mental programming that can enhance performance.

For example; if our image of ourselves is based on a past experience, based on past results, that was not favorable our response physiologically and mentally is the result of this outcome. A new result requires we reprogram a new response. Visualization is how we create the desired outcome in the mind that connects the biochemical response in the body. This process creates the pathway of mind body connection. Visualization is a tool athletes use to reprogram our minds and start the process of change.

For high performance visualization reprogramming to be effective it requires we choose thoughts and then ignite an emotional response that matches the outcome we desire. When we bring emotions into our visualizations we create the stimulation of our body chemistry and connect the neuro pathways of mental programming. It is important to recognize that our thoughts are the initiator of this programming so we can bring them into our training and enhance our performance as well!

Here are a few things to consider that can positively charge your visualizations. Think about:

  • Who we will be at the time of this outcome
  • How we will behave
  • What we will have accomplished
  • How will our outcome have impacted our lives
  • How will our outcome impact our family, peers, club, community
  • How we will have evolved

I hope you enjoy this format of high performance mental programming and find it a valuable addition to your physical training program!

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