How To Be Hopeful In Challenging Times

I get it. I know how hard it is to stay positive, stay focused and keep faith when life situations demand so much of us. Life can be difficult. Life constantly challenges. And life isn’t always kind.

I understand the difficult part of keeping a vision when all the evidence in life, all the day to day stuff piles up, demanding our attention, sapping our energy, taking our time. I get how these little things rob us of hope and at times can feel like they are holding us back from moving towards our goals. And I know how after time these little things can morph into a misery of sorts, a weariness, causing depressive feelings or at times, despair.

Getting to this point always makes me aware that a healing journey is required. Although I have extensive experience working with energy in the laws of attraction, vibration and cause and effect I can easily feel confused when my current life experiences cause distress. Its part of my reality and the situations that have caused me to feel this way are making it difficult to move ahead. It frustrates me, it makes me angry and I don’t like being in this state and am desperate to have it gone.

And then I remember that there is a gift in validating my feelings and I understand the need for contemplation to understand the source of these feelings.

Some call this contemplation, a journey into the dark night of the soul. These journeys can provide transformation as we take the low energy and transform it into one that reignites our passion.

The anger that accompanies my despair leads me back to my passions, the things that I care about, the things that matter to me, the very things I value. The anger tells me I am connected to something that is being challenged and that I need to explore the roots of my anger. This anger is a life enhancing energy that calls up my need to protect my value systems. Little by little I had either allowed, engaged in or accepted situations, things or events that were not in alignment with my values. My inner guidance was being compromised and therefore, feeling depleted.

Maryanne Williamson once said that you have to let things pierce you so they can heal you. The dark nights are my piercing. I accept, allow and embrace the wisdom they bring because the transformations are absolutely beautiful and often bring peace, love, acceptance and compassion. These dark times connect me deeply to the essence of my desires, my dreams and the vision I hold for my life, and that is the energy that moves me forward with strong intent and passion.

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