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How To Build A Base Paddling Fitness

So what is base paddle fitness? A base of paddling fitness comes from having done a full cycle of land and water training over the period of a year. 

FACT: The more cycles of sport specific training you have completed the stronger the base fitness. 

FACT: Fitness does not fall away over night. It can decrease by about 5% every 3 weeks. BUT, the good news is it also comes back within a shorter time if you have a base fitness.

Click the image to view this movement pattern

It is never too late to start back with you base fitness training. Stay tuned as I share some tricks and tips over the next few weeks. I will also share my Fave 5 Movement Patterns to keep you feeling the paddling patterns in your body.

FACT: A strong base of endurance training (weeks 1-6 in the Base, Top, Increase and Peak Performance Dry Land Fitness Programs) provides the foundation to build when you are ready.

To learn more about the Base, Top, Increase and Peak Performance Sport Specific Paddling Programs click here: https://cherylrooseconsulting.ca/paddlerprogram

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