How to Download Your Highest Vision of Self

Visual programming is the format used to download your vision of your highest self who is a top athlete, gold medalist, champion and achieves their goals.

Give it a try:

• Sit or lie down and get comfy

• Don’t focus too hard on stilling the mind, rather, bring your attention to the space behind your eyes

• Take a few deep breaths bringing the energy from the base of your spine up to the belly, chest, throat, mind and top of the head waking up your energy centres, open the mouth releasing the breath with a HA sound, do this 2 more times

• In the darkness behind your eyes create a visual of yourself as you wish to be

• Get a sense as to your overall feeling noticing how you stand, carry yourself, your “vibe”

• Now, download the characteristics of the person you aspire to be such as; focused and dialed in, technically strong, physically prepared, excited and confident

• Bring the energy of how you feel as this person into every cell of your being by letting it travel to the tips of your toes to the crown of your head feeling this fully

• Understand, really take in the fact that this energy now lives in you, is part of you

• Feel the pride, gratitude, deep acceptance and joy of being this person

• Open your eyes, smile and take a deep life enhancing breath or a few!

Congratulations on taking the time to invest in yourself!

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