How To Get A Wicked Catch On The Dragon Boat

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Another common mistake I see paddlers make is that they are rotating as they are transitioning from the exit to their catch. This fluid movement between the end of the last stroke and the start of the next stroke is missing the power that comes when we can use the weight of our body to land on the blade. This transitions usually involves the shoulders or arms dropping the blade into the water, not the whole torso.


R. E. D. is an acronym I use to explain the setup of the dragon boat stroke. Rotate. Extend. Drop. This video dissects the phase prior to the catch and explains why it is important to separate the rotation, extension and drop to deliver maximum power.

Click the photo to watch the video!


In this video we I will give you the visual guide to:

  • Understand blade mechanics
  • Find your catch by landing to drop on your blade
  • Get a full breakdown of how to set ourselves up to be a dynamic paddler in the dragon boat


I have put together a FREE series of 10 dragon boat drills for us DB paddlers to practice while training on the outrigger. Grab access here: 

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