How To Get Back On The Training Wagon After Falling Off

OK, time to get honest about training. I get flooded with emails from paddlers who have fallen off the training wagon and are afraid they are falling behind their team mates. I too have experienced those same fears over the 17 years I have been paddling, so I am going to share a few truths I have learned over the next few weeks. I will give you some facts as well as some strategies shared by some of the top athletes whom I have interviewed.

Base fitness to me is 30 minutes of training 3 times a week. Some weeks I can eek out 5 sessions and some weeks none. I recognize the need for flexibility as life happens and I am not always motivated, especially when I don’t have a goal. BUT; I always like to be ready. Keeping the mindset of base paddling fitness works for me.

I start by moving. The exercises or movement patterns I will be sharing are the things I do that make me feel like a paddler. I am not always keen on working out but I love paddling so doing sport specific movement makes me feel it in my body and then my mind catches up.

It seems as once I get moving my body wants to do more.  If I feel inclined to do more  I may do a few sets of a training session or just add resistance to the 5 base exercises I’m sharing. I love paddling. I don’t always enjoy training, alone, in my house, in the winter! I also love feeling “paddle strong” as it is my core working in functional alignment and healthy movement patterns that remind me that I can get back into my sport when and how I choose!

Over the next few weeks I will share my 5 Fave Movement Patterns To Wake Up the paddling body with additional tips, facts and strategies. My hope is that if you have fallen off the fitness wagon your body will stir you into getting back on. In whatever way works for you.

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